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Turbulence (born Sheldon Campbell on January 11, 1980) is a Jamaican
reggae artist. He is a self-proclaimed member of the Rastafarian movement.


He has released a number of albums including I Believe, United, Notorious -
The Album, Songs of Solomon, Triumphantly, Join Us and Hail The King and
was featured in an episode of the BBC documentary series Storyville.
He is also known for his song "Blood dem out" which was featured on a highly
profiled freestyle called "Show and Prove".


Turbulence was featured as one of three main acts in the 2007 documentary
film Rise Up, which explores the world of underground music in Jamaica. The
documentary celebrates Turbulence as an internationally recognized and
nationally celebrated reggae artist, and highlights the political and socially
active nature of his music.
He’s been on stage performing at many reggae festivals in Europe, USA and