Carly Day: Stir It Up with the Jamaican Singing Chef

If you haven't dropped by Carly Day's Facebook Page, or caught sight of her inspiring, 'vocal' posts about cooking, eating and singing from the soul, then you might need a health check.

With brilliant, eccentric videos like this, it's not hard to see why crowds everywhere have been embracing Carly cooking, singing and MCing to original beats by Two Free, while taking her message about healthy eating on the road.

Recently nominated for a Style Media Style + Substance Award, The JA Joint founder Carly has been busy growing a food and music event enterprise that employs disadvantaged young creatives whose families have immigrated to Australia.

With its roots in a brand she started after months of research, The JA Joint revolves around scratch-cooking, alongside retail of authentic spices and sauce blends. Carly's natural approach to making Jamaican cuisine allows Australians to easily duplicate Jamaican cooking in their homes. Her ethos is equally simple: that it is healthier to cook Jamaican-style from great local produce than to rely on convenience meals.

Carly's spicy Vegan Breakfast, with Scotch Bonnet of course

But all Jamaicans know that heart and soul is just as important a component of Jamaican cooking as Scotch Bonnet and All Spice. Coupled with Carly's easy-going, positive attitude and Jamaican swag, The JA Joint centres around Carly's expression of her soul: her own marriage of cooking and singing that has become her trademark.

Don't miss Carly Day: The JA Singing Chef cooking, singing and waxing lyrical at the Jamaican Music & Food Festival in Melbourne and in Sydney.