Jamaican Me Real Hungry: Caribbean ingredients you love hit our shores

Stop the press! It's official. There are now so many Caribbean people in Australia that Caribbean food products are coming HERE.

Yes, Rosevelt Distributors, exclusive partners to Grace Foods, Dunns River, Excelsior and Dalgety Tea, have heard your pain and got the message - that a life without Cock Soup and Banana Chips is just not worth living.

What does this mean? Well if you are Caribbean, or your parents are or your Grandparents are then this means no more begging, borrowing or stealing to secure the distinctive flavours of your childhood.

It means no more waiting on tenterhooks for overseas visitors, anxious to see whether your humble food requests will make it to your Dutchpot or end their journey abruptly on Nothing To Declare.

And, anyone who wants to explore authentic Trinidadian, St Lucian, Jamaican, Dominican, Bajan or even Anguillan cooking, it means you can finally do so with all the ingredients that will give you the authenticity you need.

Adventurous Australians know great food and will explore new flavours and tastes fearlessly. Just look at all the dishes on offer at the festival, from Curry Goat to Saltfish to Patties, an unstoppable wave of interest has turned into a demand for Caribbean ingredients. But that doesn't mean creating real Caribbean flavours has been effortless or even easy. Many a day has got away on the search for Bacalao, whole Pimento and Scotch Bonnets.

Thankfully, Rosevelt Distributors have done most of the work, so the only thing Caribbean food fans now need worry about is where to get best fish to steam with those crackers. Unpack the Dominos!

Catch Rosevelt Distributors delicious Pop-up Shop at the Jamaican Music & Food Festival for a taste of what's to come.