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Saturday 16

 November 2019

Greenwood Hotel

North Sydney 

12pm - 8pm

Jamaican Music & Food festival -UNITY + LOVE

In November 2019, for the very first time in history, the Jamaican Music & Food Festival will be bringing Jamaican music, food & culture to Sydney for one glorious day of reggae, dub, rocksteady and dancehall music as well as the sumptuous flavours and culinary delights Jamaica is renowned for, all in one place! 

The Jamaican Music & Food Festival is one where people who know and recognise great music come together with unity and a good lick of rum!


Join us for an authentic taste of Jamaican music, food and culture at the Greenwood Hotel, North Sydney! 


2019 Sydney LINE UP

King Tide
Pat Powell
Eric Renaud
Nick Toth
Jake Savona
Dj Naiki
420 Sound ft. sk Simeon
tuff Tone Sound System
The JA Joint
- Carly Day

Richie Stephens * Dwight Cunningham All star ft. Pat Powell * Masia One* Mad Professor* King Tide * Flames Eye* Stephanie Fletcher-Lartey*Jake Savona * The Ja Joint with Carly Day  * Errol Renaud * Tuff Tone Sound System * 420 Sound Ft. Sk Simeon*  Jah Tung * Jake Savona * Bambu Hut Crew * Nick Toth * Al- Tafari* Iha Jah* Michael Foley * Lady Erica *  * Chris Mokey * Dj Naiki * Ted Vassell* Deep Forward * Papa George* Kilmarnock Steve* 101 Doll Squadron*

about Greenwood hotel

Located in sunny North Sydney, Greenwood Hotel is the perfect spot for a day out enjoying the relaxed vibes of Jamaican culture.

Just 16mins by train, or 15mins driving, from the Sydney CBD it's conveniently located to allow easy access from any of the greater Sydney areas.

GETTING TO Greenwood hotel
By Train (From Sydney CBD):

From Town Hall Station take the T1 Hornsby line from platform 3. Hop off at North Sydney Station (3rd stop).   Greenwood Hotel is a two minute walk from the station.


By Bus:

Route No. 261 or M20 currently pick up from Clarence Street, opposite the Barracks, and go through to North Sydney Station (2nd stop).  

From there, it's just a two minute walk to Greenwood Hotel.

By Car:

You can drive directly to Greenwood Hotel. Please note however, parking near to the venue is very limited. We strongly recommend you come to the venue early or travel by public transport which runs at regular intervals.