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About JMFF 

Featuring world class music and food the Jamaican Music & Food Festival continues to prove the popularity of music, food and culture of Jamaican origin in Australia.​


We aim to celebrate the achievements of all diverse communities in Australia whether Indigenous, Pan-African, South American, Pacific Islander, Caribbean or European.​


Our fans know, we the people, can transcend existing cultural barriers with conscious music and entertainment. One day a year, our people come together to show their true colours, and celebrate with flags and carnival-spirit.​

We are dedicated to finding the very best talent Australia has to offer and hope Melbourne’s Jamaican Music & Food Festival will continue to be a talked about calendar event enjoyed by people of all ages.

The Festival is supported by a vast community-base of Festival Friends, food and skilled traders some of whom are creating cutting edge food and design and many of whom are trading their traditional family recipes or hand-made crafts. 

One Love,

Festival Friends

JMFF Festival partners

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